How about that Stinking Thinking??

  • mom_me
  • USA
  • 3 years ago

I'm talking about the bad days or even the bad parts of the days. I am like most everyone else here in that I am absolutely thrilled that I did this. I wanted it dreamed about it planned it and never once wanted to back out of it. I couldn't wait until it was my day and was thrilled when I woke up and it was all done. There is pain we can't lie but they do thier best to help us with that, still just those first few days and nites can be WOW. We do manage to get around it though like sleeping in chairs and recliners so that getting up to pee isn't the traumatic event it can be if you are lying down in bed, even propped up. I think my biggest problem is all the thinking. I would normally be so busy I wouldn't have time to worry about it but being limited in activities is sending my brain into  overload. I find myself being weepy at how other people are responding. EX: my husband saying he thought they would be bigger and that's before all the swelling has gone down and they haven't dropped yet either. I thought OMG he probably thinks he wasted the money etc. and of course having him help me change bandages and stuff he sees what they look like right now and can't imagine (neither can I) what they will look like when all is said and done. It feels like Frankenboobs!!! I asked my boys today one is 25 the other 17 I said ok so are these offensive to you guys? Just wearing that lovely support bra and a not tight top and they said yes they thought they were very different. I'm confused!!! They are still high which I explained to them but I haven't shown one bit of cleavage or anything so I don't understand. My sister says send me pictures of your Dolly Pardon boobs, my cousin asked me if I had to go back to get the implants put in when she visited me after surgey????? I wish I could just hide away and heal on my own. So there is definately some stinking thinking going on in my head and I don't think  I am alone on this. I am only 13 days post op and so thankful for the way I am healing so far and how good I feel most of the day. It feels like my PS laced me up like a freakin ballerina on the inside everytime I go to sit down or get up. But I'm damn sure that when the healing is done and the swelling subsides  am gonna thank him unmeasurably for.  I can't sleep any other way than on my back which sucks because I have such a big curve at the bottom that being hunched over for that first week and then sleeping flat on it. I am trying to stay positive and be patient but feel like I need to keep explaining things to everyone else and I'm tired of it. I'm going to get another shower now because it's the only thing that makes me feel better. I don't want to be anything but happy about this and I know it takes time but my patience is wearing thin with others impatience! Here's a wise statement from a 48 year old woman who should know better by now. Do NOT ask questions that you don't really want the answers to!!! SO if anyone else is or has had some stinking thinking you are not alone...