Still waiting for the awful stuff

  • Arnettdl
  • 2 months ago

Had my fraxel done friday afternoon with the very good dermatologist who has been handling my botox and filler for the last two years (very pleased with both from the stRt) Wanted to remove un spots and fine lines.   Half an hour of anestetic hel followed by only 10 min, laser which was no more (possibly less) uncomfortable than waxing.   I gather from this that she was conservative but will ask next appt for fraxel two.   anyway,..Red and somewhat swollen afterwards and went home to what by coincidence was a week's leave. First day, woke upfed and somewhat swollen, red the second day and so on.  Slofhtly rough face. The third day i could see pinprick brown points.  Used laroche-posay toleraine riche numerous times every day, same brand anthelios xl sun screen when going out sporadically (it's winter here) and waited.  So far, close of the 4th day, i don't see much difference in my spots.  The lines migjt be better but i am concerned that it's just the brownish tanned sort of thing and the slightly white tintof the cream and don't want to be overy optimistic.  So, day 4, summary, no real pain. No flaking yet, no itching.  Glad i didn't have to go back to work on monday, but wonder if this is all too easy..!

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