Is anyone still having a hard time standing up?

  • yinipig
  • 1 year ago

I am now 11po and I can stand straight for the most part but stil notice that I hunch over right at the breast line.  I did have a TT and BL so I am not sure if it's the boobs being pulled tight or if it's the TT that is keeping me from standing up all the way.

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Yes I'm now 15 PO and still hunched--more so because of the pain in my back than my TT. I went for my 2 week check up yesterday and got exercises to do to assist with straightening up.
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My ps doesn't even want you to try to stand straight til after the first week. So I'm just now working on it :) I also would imagine we get used to being hunched and slouchy, so it'll take relearning our proper posture and remembering it, and also strengthening muscles to support the back properly again. Btw I had a TT and BL and lipo on 12/17. Blessings!
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If you're concerned, give your surgeon a call. I don't think it's unreasonable for you to still be walking hunched over, though.

You might want to connect with this RealSelf member who is 3 months post op, but was still hunched over somewhat after a couple weeks.

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My surgeon said he wants me standing straight by week two. He said that he worked on my while laying on my back so he knows I can so just try a little everyday. He is not the one who just had the tummy tuck so we will see:)