Steroid injections to reduce lymphatic edema on nose?

  • eric2009
  • los angeles, CA
  • 4 years ago

I had a nose job December 2007 . December 2008 I had another nose job to correct the first one. August 2009 I had another surgery to reduce my turbinates. Cosmetically my nose looked very good after the second nose job in 2008. I was very happy but still could not breath very well. In August 2009 I had my turbinates reduced in size and until now I breath very well.

On December 15th 2009 I noticed a bump had formed on the upper lateral. On January 6th 2010 I went to my head and neck doctor and he told me it was Lymphatic Edema and to come see him in 2 months and if not gone away he will need to inject it with steroids.

I need as much professional advice as possible. Is this the way to go? What are the risks I am taking? Is lymphatic Edema on my nose permanent?

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