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What steps to take before BA with family history of breast cancer?

  • sexymama82
  • Dallas, TX
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I have become OBSESSED with this site for the past couple months and have been reading about BA and TT's just about every day!  I am 30 yrs old, 5'3", 117 lbs (though I'm trying to lose the last 7) and 34/26/36.  Before my 4 amazing children, I was 110 and 36/24/34.  I am working out to get back to that, but I just scheduled a consult with 2 Dr.'s here in Dallas for a BA and option for TT.  My kids sucked the life out of my breasts, and my tummy won't go back down.  I have a family history of breast cancer (Mom, Aunt, Grandma, Great Aunt, Great Grandma) and I have been scared and concerned about my chances of getting breast cancer as well.  I am doing my first mammogram this month, as well as meeting my Mom's Oncologist to ask his options about if I should go through with the BA, and if he would recommend a full mastopexy to remove all breast tissue.  I would prefer not to go that route, but I feel like I owe it to myself to listen to what he has to say.  What have you done to prepare and take precautions with a family history like mine?

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I had a BRCA test to see if i carried a cancer gene. THankfully I did not, however if I had my DR wanted me to have them removed and then get implants.
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My Dr told me to get a life insurance policy first, then get tested for it. He said he recommended if I carried the gene he wanted me to consider having my ovaries removed as well, since the statistics are so high for ovarian cancer also. I have not been tested yet, although my younger sister has and she was negative for it. I also got the all clear from my mammogram that I am perfectly healthy and nothing of concern in the images. I meet with my Mom's Oncologist in two days to see what his recommendation is. Did you get regular breast implants, or none at all?
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Here is a link to our Doctor Q&A that poses a similar question to yours. Sounds like you are doing great research! My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I had implants after her mastectomy. She got reconstruction 2 years later. We are both 8 years post op and all is well. Of course we are very diligent with our annual mammograms! Hope you can write a review soon about your journey!

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That question is really more about if implants can increase your risk of breast cancer, not so much about the precautions to take with a family history before surgery. But I think I am taking the correct steps of precaution and I will update once I have my appointments and am in the decision making process. Thanks for commenting! :)
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Yes, you're right, mammograms along with self-exams are the primary steps of precaution! Good luck and keep us posted!

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