Steps after explantation

  • suspense
  • Netherlands
  • 11 months ago

HelloI had my implants removed 2 weeks ago after 13 years of loyal service. I've been very ill for years and suffered an intense burning sensation in my chest. My immune system was not working optimally before I had them put in but I was unaware of it at the time. A scan revealed some silicone was leaking in my glands although the implants seemed to be intact. I tried so many things to get better so my doctor and I thought it was a good idea to take them out as well as one of the glands under my armpits.Unfortunately nature has not been very generous with me. Now I'm left with some wrinkled skin and old pudding under sagging nipples. My bedridden adventure of the last years has eaten away the few muscles I had still left. The plastic surgeon has not been of a great help till now.Maybe you can help? 1) What is the best bra I can wear in the meantime to redistribute the pudding in my breasts? medical advisor warned me not to flatten what is left, so she sold me not to buy this one in order not to flatten my breast tissue to the side,Anita_care...What is your experience?2) My nipples have never been never pronounced but now there's no tissue left underneath, they are sagging and there is a line that looks as if it divides them in two.Can I use Niplette or is it not useful? My surgeon said it won't make any difference. I hope he's not trying to ell me another operation, I'm not interested. 3) What would be a good physical workout? Rowing is not done my physical trainer said. He would come back to me in a month but I so curious to find out more about it already. I can't wait to start!4) Last but not least, how do your partners deal with it? My boyfriend is very supportive but I notice some apprehension somehow. He fell in love with my healthy me and curves long time ago, then I fell ill and and now my curves are gone. It is a process our partners need to go through as well. He is not much of a talker so I don't know how to approach him. He has not seen me naked since my operation. We just avoid the confrontation every time. I bought some nice lingerie because I accept my new size (even if it doesn't look good yet). How did you deal with it?Thank you so much for all the support and sharing. It has helped me a lot till now.