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Stem cell fat injections a permanent way to rejuvenate face?

  • justthefacts
  • Florida
  • 4 years ago

Two Tampa Bay area plastic surgeons are doing fat injections with stem cells. The after photos look wonderful: nice plumped cheeks, smoother, healthy skin. One Doc says it is permanent though I thought injectables were not. I would love that for my own lost volume. While getting opinions, an esthetician showed me how my own cheek plumped up would pull everything up even the now-stretched jowl area. I loved the look, if it would work.

Would stem cell provide such volume? Does filling in lost cheek volume pull it all up & is it really permanent?

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I recently attended a seminar hosted by The Clinique Of Plastic Surgery. As far as I know Dr. Drehsen is the only person in the country doing the stem cell for volumne. And yes, if you have seen his pictures they are amazing. However, I saw some of his patients in person at the seminar. They look even better in person. Look up Dr. Drehsen. I am in my 40's and thinking about doing something soon.
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Sunshinemom...Did you ever get the stem cell injections? On Nov 4, The Doctor's TV show, they demonstrated a "video chat facelift" that included skin rejuvenation that he described by saying, "draw serum from patient and mix with stem cells which are fat cells" He also mentioned growth hormones. I am going to try to upload that portion of the show as it raised more questions than it answered such as what is the difference, what is the serum, difference between stem and fat cells, where is it taken from and where is it injected and how long does it last and what does it cost. Looking forward to hearing from you and other doctor's answers.
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