Will I be able to stay alone after my tummy tuck?

  • raginrican
  • Ocala, Fl
  • 2 years ago

Hi there.  I've been researching TT for a couple of years. I had a consultation last week and my PS says I am a good candidate and will be happy with the results. I am divorced but I do live with my best, best girlfriend in the world. She works full time so unless I work something else out I won't have anyone at home with me during the daytime after my surgery. Does anyone know if it's possible to take care of yourself without any help for most of everyday? I am also not one to ever ask anyone for any kind of help, very independent. So if I have to it will really bother me. I am super excited and prepared mentally and physicall for the surgery. This recovery issue is just weighing on me. My surgery is 9/20 so I have to figure it out. Thanks in advance. Leslie Garcia :)