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Will I be able to stay alone after my tummy tuck?

  • raginrican
  • Ocala, Fl
  • 1 year ago

Hi there.  I've been researching TT for a couple of years. I had a consultation last week and my PS says I am a good candidate and will be happy with the results. I am divorced but I do live with my best, best girlfriend in the world. She works full time so unless I work something else out I won't have anyone at home with me during the daytime after my surgery. Does anyone know if it's possible to take care of yourself without any help for most of everyday? I am also not one to ever ask anyone for any kind of help, very independent. So if I have to it will really bother me. I am super excited and prepared mentally and physicall for the surgery. This recovery issue is just weighing on me. My surgery is 9/20 so I have to figure it out. Thanks in advance. Leslie Garcia :)

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You are a wealth of information girlie! I love it. Thank you soooo much! Please take care of your bladder issues and get healthy for your TT. I am renting an electric recliner to sleep in that will also help me get up and out of it. I will also find a walker with front wheels, maybe on ebay or a thrift store in town, my friend has a shower chair to lend me and I heard about the constipation so I will stock up on exlax! Oh what fun! Thanks again and good luck with your upcoming procedure! :)
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My best friend volunteered to take a couple of days off Thur (Surgery) date and Friday and she is off the weekend so that's awesome. Then my step mom will come over each day during the day while Chelle is at work to check on me, spend time with me, etc for the following week so I think I will be just fine! Thanks to you Suzy and everyone else of the great advice!
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whew! glad that you found a way to get some help during your recovery. May I also suggest that you rent a hospital bed. I looked into it and found that it only costs $175.00 for a whole month and they will come and deliver and set up and then pick it up when you are done. Also you can buy or rent a walker. getting out of bed when you are all stitch up around your tummy will be painful and probably dangereous because we use our stomach muscles to do that. Having the bed will save you a lot of pain and keep your stitches from tearing inside of you. You will be bent over for a while, so a walker will assist you in getting around. Also, if no one has told you, (because no one told me when I had my breast reduction), stock up on stool softners and fiber pills, may be even an anema because your pain meds will constipate the heck out you. I am sure your PS will advice you, but just in case they not get constipated because you can not afford to strain at all with this type of surgery. It looks like I am going to have to waite for my TT because I have pending health issue that I need to talk to my gyno about. possibly bladder repair surgery..bummer, but I guess I can continue to work on losing weight and getting in better shape. Wishing you the Best!
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Hello,I had a breast ugmentation (reduction) back in 2005 and their is no way I would have done it without my mom. I am going to have a TT this fall and my husband will be taking a week off to take care of me. I hope that you can overcome your pride and ask for help. We all need help, no one is an island. When you get better you can pay it forward either by a financial gift, your time or whatever you think is appropriate. The way I thank people is I cook and bake home made meals for them. Please do not do it alone, You are risking a fall from just being light headed from the meds etc. may be you can have surgery on a Friday and that way your best friend can perhaps take Friday and Monday off and the weekend in between. Monday you can arrange for someone to check in on you through out the day etc.
Take care,,and the best to you!
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Very good advice. I will come up w a better plan. Thank u sooooo much! :)
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You need someone for safety reasons and to help you getting up and back to your chair/bed at least the first week, you don't really know how you will react to the pain meds for some reason your energy level is very low or none at all, if your friend can at least get the first 2 days off that would be great....GOOD LUCK!!!
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Doing great! I had all of my drains removed yesterday. The real pain I have is related to my thigh lift (STAPLES ARE THE PITS) but those are to come out on Thu (fingers crossed). Take your meds on skd - stay ahead of the pain and I used both Bromelain & Arnica Montana for this surgery & my BL/BA in Jan. I believe both helped speed up my healing and reduced my swelling that and the ton of vitamins I take every day as I am a post-gastric bypass gal.

Take care & let us know how you're doing!!

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Hi Leslie -

I had an extended TT on Jul 13 which was a friday, so by Monday I really could have been by myself but I really liked having my Mom here that whole first week. The first 3-4 days were the roughest. As long as you can easily get to bathroom, can remember to take your meds/drains and eat & hydrate on a regular basis- you could do it. Don't try to take a shower alone the first time and even subsequent times, you may want to have someone in there with you. I live alone and am super independent but this was a big surgery and the most painful one to date, so I am thankful for the help! Good luck
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Thank you so much for the reply. I haven't received any replies until now which is unusual for this website. I think folks are uneasy about answering. I can get help I just HATE asking for it. I have so much family and friends who love me who are in my town I just hate asking.

Thanks for the words of wisdom. You are only about 10 days post-op. How are you doing? I hope you are doing outstanding! :)
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