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Startling statistic - 89.7% of Americans are healthy eaters?

  • 3 years ago

Apparently that's what we think! A survey from Consumer Reports found that 89.7% of Americans believe they have healthy diets. Two-thirds of Americans are also overweight or obese, btw.

I understand how people fall into this trap because our household was (is?) under the same false belief. We used to think that we only ate an occasional delivery meal, when in actuality we were eating out 3x per week (and we weren't ordering salads, either). For us, it took a long time to sink in that a "treat" can't happen every day; every time you have a special event; every time you have a bad day at work or just don't feel like cooking. We're still working on this, btw! It's a hard habit to break.

So, do you think you have a healthy diet?

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What I believe is quite different. Healthy is not only having good food and exercise, a stress less life also a good way to live healthy.
I think families (or individuals) define "healthy" in different ways. We went on a beach trip last summer with four young families. Three of the four are on the slender side, healthy and active. One family is pescetarian, nomear or poultry consumption at all, and organic, but full fat everything and not necessarily whole grain stuff. Another family had all the whole grain supplemented products and low or no fat everything, but other than that, standard diet...they would even eat pop tarts if they were labeled low fat and whole grain. Then there was our strict label reading guidelines, but we cook from scratch and eat tons of fresh produce (sometimes organic, sometimes not), use lower fat dairy products when possible, and try to eat most fish or poultry (but occasionally indulge in red meat or pork).

I can understand why people think they're healthy eaters. These days you can get anything in a "light" format, from Mayo to cream. But just because you're eating the half-fat version doesn't mean it's actually good for you. 

People are also working more and relying on convience foods to fill in for what used to be a healthy, home cooked meal.

I thought I was eating pretty healthily until I really started to look at what I was eating. It's easy to give yourself a false sense of security about your lifestyle, but if most people really looked at the labels, they may think twice before picking up that "half fat" tub of butter!