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I have my initial consultation with the plastic surgeon on Thursday, June 30.  I think, after years of thinking about this, I am finally ready.  I'm a bit nervous that I will not have enough documentation ready for the insurance company.  My problem is that I work as a nurse for my primary care provider, so a lot of my discussions with my doctors have happened around the lunch table (we have very few secrets in our office!)  The physician and two PAs currently in the office are willing to write letters of recommendation for me, and I know that at least two other previous providers/co-workers would be willing to as well.  I do have some documentation of manipulations to my back and exercises that were given to me, but that was from about 3 or 4 years ago.  Guess I'm just impatient to get it done now that I'm ready to do it.  I am 40 years-old, have had 4 children, like to try to stand tall enough to be called 5'1" and weigh about 140, with a bra size of a full 34H.  I remember being in 5th grade and being teased that I looked like a boy, but when I started 6th grade they teased me about stuffing my bra!  And from then on I have been what some call "blessed" Pssh...those people have no clue what a burden it is.  As a teenager, every boy thought I was a brainless tart who adored their drooling.  My husband of 21 years, spent our first coupld of years together "defending my honor" and almost getting himself pummelled on more than one occassion.  The best thing in the fashion world that has ever occurred was when they started selling swimming suit tops and bottoms seperately!  In the 80's you couldn't buy a size 3 bottom and 13 top, unless you bought two suits. And I can't decide which is worse, the psychological trauma or the physical trauma.  I have not been able to run since I was about 11.  I did  not participate in sports in school.  As an adult it has become increasingly difficult to exercise.  I do like yoga, but any cardio exercises are not only painful, but embarrassing to do in front of other people!  Mid & upper back pain have been steadily increasing over the last couple of years, and I'm noticing that it is becoming more difficult to stand with straight posture. Like I said, I think I have gotten to the point where I am ready to make this kind of decision.  I have talked about it for years and my husband has always been supportive.  However a few years ago he watched some show on cable which showed a reduction and it totally freaked him out.  The part about removing the nipple is what bothers him the most.  I think he is more apprehensive about it now.  He still says he will support me, but I think he is very nervous about it.   I will admit that in my research over the last couple of months I did watch several on YouTube and I was a little taken aback at first as well.  But I think I'm glad I did, because I have listened to the doctors' commentaries and have a whole new list of questions to ask about his technique, etc.  Not sure I'm going to end up being his favorite patient :-) So I guess I'm just rambling and trying to get my thoughts in order over the next couple of days.  Glad I found this site though, because it has given me a lot of information and encouragment. Will let you know as soon as I know something!

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Hi Iowa71, You look fab! Glad to hear you are feeling & looking so well! I'm also 5ft 1' & about 10 stone 5, but hope to lose at least 10 pounds before my op, on 15th Dec! I am feeling really nervous, but if i can get rid of the pain & look more in proportion it will be worth it! Did you have an uplift too? x
Good luck Jessica! Two weeks would put you at the first week in August. I will be anxious to hear of your approval!
I also have BCBS and my PS said his office has a high rating on getting approval.I will keep you posted, please let me know how yours is going. Don't wear yourself out before the surgery, put the husband, kids and the dogs to work,ha,ha:) Good luck.
Next week, wow, that'd be good wouldnt it?!
Good luck

Hey Jessica. I will definitely keep you updated on the progress. Will be posting pictures soon.

I was amazed at how quickly the response came. I hope you will have a response soon. My insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In all honesty though, it feels like things are moving very quickly. I just got a packet in the mail today from my PS with lists of Do's and Dont's for the one month, two weeks, and one week prior to surgery and I'm already past the one month prior mark.

I feel like there is so much I need to get done and we have two vacations before then, I have to get all of the shopping done for the boys to go back to school, and I live on a farm with my husband, three sons, and three dogs (one of which is a great dane) so you can imagine the germs I am going to have to anhialate before I go in in just 27 short days (AHHHH) But when the office called me last Monday to tell me that they had received the approval they said they had a cancellation and could squeeze me in the next week. Talk about freaking out!

Good luck with your waiting. That part did seem like torture because I just wanted an answer. Let me know when you know!
Hello ladies,
Iowa71, I complelety feel you. I am new to this site and been thinking about a breast reduction for a long time. I finally got the nerve to schedule an about and I went to my PS Consultation on the 19th of July. I think I am driving my family and friends crazy talking about it. My consultation went well and my PS said I am a good candidate. I am a 34G and would love to be a 34C, right know I am just keeping my fingers crossed. He also said that 500-600 removed would be easy based on my size and I have very dense breast.Maybe I will get as lucky as you and get a quick response.
Surgery date set. August 17. It will be here before I know it!

Hurray!   Now all the prep begins:)   You will make it and be glad in the end.


Oh no breakdowns...LOL   No time for that now. 

Wow you could be going within the month.  How exciting!

Believe it or not, it has only been about two weeks since my consult and the plastic surgeon's office called today and said they have the approval for my surgery. Wow...this is a little too real now! I am awaiting a return call from them regarding the surgery date. But it's not going to be long now before I can start my complete nervous breakdown :-)
I went and visited the doc today. Wasn't really what I had imagined a plastic surgeon to look like...he kindda reminded me of Danny DeVito!

Anyway, he said he though I was a good candidate and the insurance process should go smoothly since I had brought copies of my medical records, my mammogram reports which do mention how dense my breast tissue is making it difficult to penetrate, and a letter of recommendation from a previous provider.

He estimates removing about 500+ grams from each side to take me down to a 34C. (I looked at a 34C bra today and was shocked at how petite it looked compared to a 34H!)

I asked several questions about his technique, took before and after pictures of women who were built similar to me and what I hope to accomplish afterward. We discussed my concerns about scarring and infection. I felt comfortable with him and he was thorough and patient with my questions.

It took about an hour and a half for the consultation. And now all that is left to do is await the insurance company's decision. I guess this will be a test of my patience!

Now that is funny...Danny DeVito:)   As long as he has magic hands and creates beautiful breasts that is all that matters. 

Sounds like it went very well!  Yes 500 grams off each side is a good amount.   You are tiny so a C cup will be perfect for you!  You will feel amazing getting all of that weight off your body. 

Keep me up to date on how the insurance bit goes.  I bet you will be having this done before you know it:)


OMG reading this I thought you were talking about me...LOL

Seriously though this is the best thing I ever did for myself.  I feel like a new woman and love having small perky breasts now.  You are a tiny person like me and we simply can't carry all of that weight in the front.   My boobs entered the room before I did...Yucka!

My hubby had a little freak out mode in the beginning as well but then got over it.  The scars all heal very well so that will not bother him at all.  In the beginning it looks a bit scary so be prepared. 

Here is a test you can put your hubby through.  Have him stand behind you and when you are not wearing a bra have him reach around and hold and lift the breasts up.  I can still remember my hubbys eyes...LOL  He was like holy hell they are heavy.  And I said try carting that around every day on your neck and back.  Yep that made him see the light. 

This was an easy recovery and I would do it all over again if they grew back...Please NO.  

I started out in a 40DDD and my final size if a 34B.  Love it!!   Please let me know if you have any questions.