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Just starting out...need to find a PS in Kansas City area and have no idea how to start!!!

  • bellydancemommy
  • 2 years ago

Hello everyone!  A little about me...I'm 5'7 215 lbs (down from 234)....36 y/o single mom of 2 girls age 9 and 3 (both born naturally), was also a surrogate to my twin nieces who are now almost 18 months old...they were born via c section.  Before babies I have always had a lower tummy pouch since I was 10.  Have always HATED it....but, feel like we should be thankful for what we are given and love our bodies for what they have done for us.  I've always been bigger, curvy and I LOVE my curves but, I really do not enjoy the large belly that hangs down to my thighs.  :( I bellydanced for 4 years and after quitting that really felt like I lost a part of myself so I'm getting back into that this month.  Also, do yoga and while trying to do some poses I think "man there is so much more I could do if I didn't  have this belly in my way".  I never knew much about TT and then a good friend of mine told me she had hers done a couple of weeks ago...I had the weirdest reaction to that news and I cried all day!!! I've never reacted to something in that way before and I started to realize I really want this done.  So, I've been on here and looking around.  Because of the way my work schedule works...I won't be able to do anything till after the first of the year...I'm an xray tech..and when I do get it done I'm only going to have 2-3 weeks off of, hoping I'll be able to recover quickly.  After the csection I never had any pain I kept asking the nurses when the pain would start and they told me I should already be feeling it.  The whole 6 weeks of recovery I never felt any pain I was thankful...(I know this will be different but, I'm staying optimistic)  :)  My mom will be coming to stay a week or so with me for the help with my girls.  So, I'm scared to pick the wrong doctor...I'm going to start looking soon and meeting with them but, as I was looking through websites I found one or two that I thought looked great, then when I google them I find out all kinds of bad things!  I know everyone is going to probably have something negative posted about them somewhere on the do you decide?  And do any of you local people have suggestions for doctors?  I'm looking for any advice and tips you can give me!!  This seems like such a great site.  Here are my before pics..I can't do the surgery for quite a while so after pics will come much later but, I'm glad to have so much time to research. :)  Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you all!