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Starting my 4th month of accutane soon, still getting acne, neck broke out badly and the prednisone didn't help?

  • AcneIsDegrading
  • Atascadero, CA
  • 6 months ago

The beginning of my 3rd month my doctor gave me Prednisone to reduce the enflamed acne that was created while on accutane that was on my neck, It seemed to do nothing and now I am worrying that my neck is going to keep these red emflamed marks for a long time, I will be seeing my derm in a few days, what should I ask her about to help get rid of this enflamed acne asap. I'm 17, weigh 155 and took 40 mg the first month and then 80 mg the next two, please shine some sort of hope on this subject.