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When do you truly start to feel normal again?

  • calimom2011
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 years ago

So, I am PO D#7 today. Definitely feeling better each day but slow going which I did expect. Still very, very swollen, tight and sore and hunched over. I am actually doing better one week out than I had hoped and back to a very few regular activities (going to pick my kids up at camp, lunch out, etc). But what I am wondering is when do you really feel normal again (ie, not thinking about your belly every second of everyday, not having to think before you move, stand, go to the bathroom, etc)? I know it is a process, just wanted to know from more experienced TTer's, when they really started to be normal again. Thanks!

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Kimmers does a good job of describing it; the first two weeks are awful and then for me it steadily got better till about ten weeks. My pain was all gone then. I still swelled to four months post op though.
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I am post op day 8. I am going out for walks and I really think they are helping me.
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Well the first two weeks post op are the absolute worst.  Weeks 2-4 you will start to notice a big change.  By one month you will feel like you turned a big corner. 

You can expect to feel tired and wiped out for the first 6 weeks.  This is a long hard healing process and it takes time.  Don't try to rush anything or you will cause yourself a set back.

It takes a full 6-12 months to totally heal so be patient.  I attached a copy of my month by month diary that may help you.

I promise this is all worth everything you go through.   You will feel better soon and be happy you went through with this. 

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Thanks so much!!
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Ive had amazing results from my tummy tuck 8 months ago but find im still in pain when i turn over in bed and i cant even attempt a sit up at the gym yet. Is this normal?
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When I went back to Ab workouts at 6 months it was horribly painful.  It took me a long while to get back to a full Ab workout without pain.  Each person is different and it depends on the extent of your repair.  I wouldn't call what you are feeling abnormal.  
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