Standing straight

  • Nicks Mom
  • San Francisco
  • 3 years ago

Hello, I am 4 days post op from a full TT with tension sutchers/quilting stitch. Doctor and nurse said I should be able to stand up but I can't even come close to straight. I am so tight. I have tried to stretch while laying down but my skin seems to stretch and not able to go any more. I'm not able to stand straight while standing either. Any words of wisdom? I would be fine if I could stand, really don't have much pain other than that and my back hurting from bending over. Getting a little scared. I have to get back to work soon and there has been no improvement since day one.

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Phew I'm happy I read this! I'm at day 7 and wondered opif Quasimodo had possessed me during surgery! Pateince. I'll have to look that word up and really try and get some! ..shame I cant buy it like my new tummy!
I couldnt stand straight for almost 4 weeks. Its good to try but listen to your body. Everyone heals differently.

Oh my goodness, no, if you're not able to stand straight, don't push it. Here's what several doctors have to say about standing straight after a tummy tuck. It can take two weeks sometimes. A tummy tuck is a long healing process and you need to try to be patient (easier said than done, I know).

You  might want to check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Month by Month Diary. It has lots of good info from someone who's been there.

I hope you're able to stand straight soon and go back to work with no problem!