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Will I be able to go up stairs day 1 post op?

  • YessieUSC
  • San Fernando, California
  • 2 years ago

Hello gals, my surgery is scheduled for Oct 23. I live in a tri- level townhouse and to get to at least my living room I have to go up one flight of stairs. How difficult will it be, if at all possible post-op day 1 (staying one night in hosp). Im kind of freaking out thinking about it. Thank you all in advanceĀ 

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Hi Yessie. I had it in my head I would not be able to go up and down my steps too. Guess what? It does not matter at all. I think I thought it would somehow hurt my stomach to lift my legs onto the steps. Nope. I had to go slow in the beginning, but I went up and down my steps from day 1. It turned out to be a non-issue. Good luck to you!!
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Oh gosh thanks so much for this! I had so much anxiety thinking about it. I was even thinking of staying at my moms home, which is a single story home, but I'm so relieved and so happy that I will be able to recover in the comfort of my own home! Thank you so much! :-)
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No problem and I'm happy to put your mind at ease. I even fixed up a downstairs room for myself thinking the same thing. I never even used it! :)
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