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Staging Surgeries (Lipo then TT)?

  • Emily27436
  • 1 year ago

Hi All,   I am planning on having a TT with Flank Lipo. I have seen a few docs and they all say I am a prime candidate for having both done together (good health, no smoking, barely drinking, done well with prior surgeries, etc.) I am 22 yo 5"7" 175 lbs (lost 50 lbs). My future Bro In Law is a PA for a PS in Pittsburgh (a terrible one according to reviews) and is insisting that I should go get vaser lipo with his doc now and then a TT with his doc in 6 months bc if I "stage the surgeries" I will "have better wound healing". Has anyone ever heard of this or done this before? Thoughts?   -Emily

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