Stage 2 Garments for liposuction of abs and flanks?

  • Jackie K
  • Atlanta GA
  • 2 years ago

Hello! I'm about 2 weeks post op.  I had liposuction on my lower, upper abs as well as my flanks. What did you guys use as your second stage garments?  I really wanted (and was expecting) something similar to my stage 1 garment (a wrap that went from a bit below my breasts to my hips)....but my PS gave me Spanx, which goes all the way down to just above my knees. I'm pretty much in between their two sizes (and my doctor gave me the smaller size) took me about 15 minutes to get it on and when it was one, it was really I'm guessing I should have gotten the larger size. PLUS, I HATE the open crotch.  I understand that it's so you don't have to take that annoying thing off, but I think it's just unsanitary and I would prefer something that would just wrap around my stomach and hips and allow me to wear my underwear (like I have been).  Has anyone out there used a second stage garment that just wraps around your stomach?  If so, where did you get it? Thanks SO much!

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I wore the open crotch but I also wear panties over it. I didn't like the idea of everything hanging out. I find it to be much cleaner being able to change your panties everyday.
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try Marena. I got my second stage garments from them.
I would also stick with the smaller size. It helps to shape you
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Yes Marena Comfort Wear has the best post surgical compression garments for all stages!!
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