Stage 4 capsular contracture, should i remove the implants?

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I had a breast augmentation 6 months ago, 5 days after surgery my right breast had a hematoma and i had to have surgery and a drain on my right. Now at 4 months i had a capsular contracture, i did 2 months of physical therapy with an ultra sound. I went to my dr and he says it will only be fixed with surgery, i have a choice to make either have the capsular contracture removed and take my chances getting another one, or remove both implants. I am 22 and dont know what to do.

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Please see an independent doctor/surgeon. Most importantly, have the lump checked out. It could be a sign of an otherwise untreated infection.
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Hello there, im having such a panic ... I had my breast done about 2 years ago placed under the muscle and i had allergan implants right one rejected about 9 months after and ive been messaging it ever since... It was maintaining the capsular contracture at stage 2 but the last month its been a bit more painful and the main thing im worried about is theres a little pea sized spot/lump right bear my armpit which feels like a needle and is hard, it goes away a tiny bit when i raise my arm but im so scared what could it be? A cyst? A lymph node? If so what shall i do :(!
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i have had breast enlargement 2 years ago and i have been told today i have a scar capsule on my left breast which is grade 4 and a scar capsule on y right hich isn't as bad. I am really confused and unsure if i should get the implants removed or get another op to correct the problem. i am concencered if i spend more money on another op and it happens again, but worried i will have really deflated saggy breasts if i have them just removed. I was a 32B now i am a 32E. Help??

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