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Spray tan abs - how to get stomach definition?

  • Dawn from Duluth
  • 6 years ago

Everyone says that Britney Spears had abs painted on with sunless tanning spray for the VMA's.  I don't even know how that's possible because the only sunless tanning I've ever seen is the kind where you stand in a shower stall thing and get blasted with a mist all at once.  Is there really a sunless tanner that you can use to paint on muscle definition?

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I know this hasn't been updated in a while but here is a link about how to tan like a 49ers Cheerleader.

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Yes you can airbrush a more sculpted physique. However, be aware that you need to start with a low percentage of body fat for it to look realistic. All those models you see in bikinis on magazine covers have definitely had definition and contour sprayed on.
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If you have an experienced tanning artist working on you, the right equipment, and you are in relatively decent shape, it's possible to get contouring and shadowing with your sunless tan! I like to call it "enhancing", as it's kind of unrealistic to have a six-pack painted on a tummy that isn't flat. It's possible, and I've done it for photoshoots on models who haven't been working out like they should, but out and about in real life it won't look very realistic. HOWEVER, the rest of us (without six-packs!) can still take advantage of a few optical illusions to make our figures look slimmer and more slender. It's all in the application! Just think - dark clothing is minimizing, so why wouldn't dark skin be? Ask your technician to make the insides and outsides of your legs darker than the fronts and backs, and voila... skinny legs! :)
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It is possible to accentuate musculature with spray-on tans but not if there is no musculature there to begin with! If you are twenty pounds overweight, no amount of spraying or shading can give you a good looking set of abs. If you notice, all of the models used in spray tan demos are already lean. Lowering your body fat, not doing endless crunches, is the key to a great looking set of abs. Entering my 5th decade, I was able to resurrect my six pack by getting my body fat down below 15%. At that level you'll see a great set of abs with or without spray tanning year round, anytime, anywhere!
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