How to spot a fake review

  • RealSelfUser000
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago's time to "out" these dr.s posting fake reviews. let's come up with a list of things that raise a big red flag so newbies can know if a review is fake. here are some to start off the list 1. vivid description of the office and/or waiting room. statements like "There was a gorgeous Art Deco Coffee Table book right where the sign-in sheet is and an authentic Keith Haring painting on the wall" or "The wait was brief and they had my favorite magazine there"  Not kidding, i have actually seen statements like these in reviews. 2. description of anything waking up immediately after the surgery, or statements about how nice the anesthesiologist is.  Clearly a fake review written by someone who never had any sort of surgery!!!!  Do YOU remember anything about your anesthesiologist??!?!  No? Well that's because you were KNOCKED out from anesthesia!!!! ;)  I don't remember jack Sh***!  If you told me I rode home on a unicorn after surgery I wouldn't be able to dispute it because i have no idea what happened that day! 3.  Enthusiastic raving about the school/program/fellowship your surgeon did.  That's something the surgeon would rave about!!!! 4. how confident and happy you are, all the time. That's bull! Patients get depressed and anxious, even with good results.  We aren't always balls of sunshine, and a review that describes things that way is probably written by a public relations firm.  5. any review that says "I'm so confident now that..." and ends in "i just got engaged!" 6. lots of technical jargon that the average patient doesn't understand   add to the list!