Can You Speak with the Invisalign Braces?

  • Wipz
  • 2 years ago

Hi Guys&Ladies, I am considering Invisalign and as I want to wear them at work (PR) I would like to know whether you can speak normally with them (after some adjustment ofcourse) cause that is super important. Also, where are the buttons mostly put? Thanks for all, Heidi

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After 9 months I find that I still lisp sometimes. An orthodontist should answer your buttons question, my layman's guess is that it's case by case. I have 5 across my front 6 teeth. They take the "invisible" out of Invisalign (when the aligners are in; not very noticeable when out).
Speaking is fine - just a day or two of adjusting - then totally unnoticeable.. Well thats my experience anyhow.. I work face to face with customers all day long and no problems.