I am a Spanish girl. Looking for the best surgery for revision of nose in the world.

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  • 1 year ago

I AM A SPANISH GIRL. LOOKING FOR THE BEST SURGERY FOR REVISION OF NOSE IN THE WORLD. Hello to all / as. I am a Spanish girl and I seek the best surgery in the world in revision Rhinoplasty after two (the last with rib graft) Rhinoplasty. You may not know speak English I want to operate with the best specialist of nose in the world. I'm going to move where is. I need your opinions. What is the best world in revision Rhinoplasty surgery? Have short nose, the nasal tip, asymmetric nose overprojection. Help me! Thank you.

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Welcome to RealSelf! I'm sorry you're not happy with your nose currently. Here's what some doctors say about the best revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Thank you Angiemcc. I wonder how I can post pictures of my nose. Forgive my ignorance. Thanks again. Best wishes Maria
I've solved. I'm sorry. Thanks
Dr. Ghavami in Beverly Hills...he's the best