South Carolina Lifestyle Lift doctor recommendations

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  • 5 years ago

Is it safe to have a double chin lift from lifestyle lift in SC?

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Last week I had a consultation with LSL at one of their office's in Ill....I was considering this procedure....but I thank God I pulled up this sight before going forward with it....I have to say I was very apprehensive....and when I was going to call them to set up a day....I got a million out of control butterflies going on...of course the comericals on TV makes it look oh so fast...easy and save...I never fell for anything...but I really didn't think they would go so low as to put people's health at risk....why is LSL still in practice?
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Is there anyone who has had the Lifestyle Lift procedure in Seattle, WA by Dr. Santos?
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Is there anyone that has had this procedure in Charleston SC?
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If anyone can please comment about their experience with their lifestyle lift and their Doctor. This will help those of us trying to make a decision about a future procedure it would be greatly appreciated.
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