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Does this sound normal 6 months after Rhinoplasty?

  • Lukesps
  • 3 years ago

Alright, I never got bumped like many other people here have after surgery, nontheless I've remaind extremely paranoid since surgery about ruining my 'new nose'. At times I get a lot of involuntary nerve reactions when someone startles/scares me, when I step/trip on something unexpectedly (not falling down or anything), the skin seems to react and it makes me worry even though everything seems fine visibly.  Does anything happen if someone pats/shakes me in the back when congratulating me and I feel the slight shock all the way up to my nose? am I just being overly paranoid? My surgeon says everything fine and I wish I could just take her word for it, but every time some of the things that I mentioned happen it makes me go nuts. Please quell my mental state. Thanks.