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Does this sound like greed to you?

  • Anonymous838
  • Westside
  • 1 year ago

I would like to get opinions from what the community thinks about this situation. During my one month post-op appointment for a recent revision asian eyelid surgery, my physician evaluated my eyelids and noticed the creases were higher than expected and hollowed in, creating an unnatural, operated on appearance. Now seeing that it was only one month past procedure date, I wasn't freaking out about it. I knew there was a long ways to go for recovery and healing. However, during this appointment, my physician suggested that I get tested for ptosis through a Goldmann Visual Field Test, and also said that fat grafting (through injection or surgery) will help make my eyes wider and create better results. I didn't think too much about that during the moment of the appointment. Afterwards, I found it strange for two reasons; 1) I brought up ptosis during the consultation - it was actually written in my operational report from my previous physician - and that my eyes are hollowed in, which may or may not have affected the results from the first surgery. I asked the current physician if this is something that we should look into, and he pretty much dismissed it in the way that it probably won't affect the results. He also said if ptosis was to be covered by insurance, it would have to be severe to the point where it blocks a part of your eyesight. NOW he's saying yes to ptosis testing and when I said I refused to pay for another surgery and will only consider this if done through insurance, he said I can contact them and see if they will cover it and wrote me a doctor's note with medical codes to ask my insurance provider. 2) This is only ONE MONTH past the surgery. There is swelling and scarring, and plenty of healing left. He, however, said that there is only 20% swelling left. Even if lets say I stupidly agreed to ptosis testing, the fact that my eyes are still healing will probably affect the results of the test. My question to you guys is...does this sound like a case of greed? I picked this doctor initially because I thought he was honest and humble. Now, I think he's completely different. Most doctors tell patients to wait AT LEAST 3-4 months before making any sort of suggestions on improvements so that results can finalize first. My physician pretty much jumped the gun and said I might have ptosis. Also, he ignored my previous concerns about ptosis and eye hollowness during consultation, and now that the surgery is over, and I've paid in full, he's the first one to want to fix it. In addition, suggesting a completely different procedure such as fat grafting, which has a bad reputation of having unpredictable results. I feel his suggestions were made for the benefit of his own occupation and clinic, and I feel that he is exploiting my previous concerns/insecurities as a patient. If he had addressed my concerns before the surgery, all this could've been avoided. Please let me know what you think. Huge thanks in advance.

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