How can i get at least somewhat straight nose that doesnt look that bad ?

  • Haseeb999
  • 2 years ago

Hi , My name s Haseeb and i had a crooked nose and i had a surgery 10 years ago, it was somewhat good but bent again. Then i ha da surgery 1 and a half year ago that looked nice in the beginning and then slowly got crooked and now i had it for the 3rd time a month ago and now its more crooked than before.. Its all tilted on one side of the face is looking very weird..   What s causing it. an someone please identify the reason and also give a solution whether this is fixable asap coz i am really loosing my confidence and cannot even carry on my daily tasks and meetings.    Please advise !!

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Hi Haseeb how is yr nose doing now i have the same problem

Hi there,

You still look pretty swollen to me. You might want to post this as a question in the doctor Q&A community (with your photo) to get some feedback. I have a chronically crooked nose and even after two surgeries it still lists to one side. I've just decided that most people won't notice anyway. :0)