Can somebody please help me find out why my left legs is tingly and feels colder then the other one.

  • lilylace
  • 2 years ago

i had BA six months ago sub muscle. I was a very fit late fifties who goes to the gym five times per week and teaches salsa. I have never really been ill in my life. But because I don't have much body fat I felt I looked too musculine. I used to be a size 36c. That is the size I am again. My body looks fab now but I'm not sure it is worth it. I have suffered from coldness in my hands and feet.  Now the coldness is easing in my hands but my left left tingles and then goes cold for a while. I don't feel ill, just worried about this tingling. I have had all the bloods, nerve detector test and MRI's and everything comes out perfect, but I'm not. The Dr's just shrug their shoulders and say that it's not connected. But I'm sure it is as it wasn't there before. Maybe somebody has had the same as me and they can help and advise. Also my hair thinned a lot. It has thankfully stopped falling out now.