Sneezed really hard after my TT and now I'm freaking out!

  • CPMama
  • 3 years ago

When I sneezed, I felt like my insides did a complete flip inside of my belly. Is there anything I should look out for? Any signs that I ruined something. Aahhhh.....I feel like crying!

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I had a coughing fit a few times. THAT made me cry.. Sneezing was very painful too.. How CAN you tell if you hurt or ruined something? IF you tore the inner stitches would it show as a bump or lump right away or would it be gradual over a few days?
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Oh wow, I never thought about that. Yikes!
Hopefully I won't sneeze for at least a week after surgery :/
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Yes the sneezing is extremely painful but I am sure everything is fine inside. They stitch you up pretty tight so it should all be fine. It just hurts like a bugger.

While you are healing you will feel pulling, burning, tightness, and just plain sore. A bit like you have done a million sit ups. I really would not worry so much.

And yes sneezing after a tummy tuck does make you want to cry. When you feel it coming on press a pillow firmly to your tummy and that helps. Hang in there.
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