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Ex smokers tummy tuck results?

  • sassy45
  • UK
  • 3 years ago

Are there any ex smokers out there who gave up for the purposes of their tummy tuck surgery? It would seem that most surgeons recommend giving up at least a month before surgery, this is what I have done but I am still very apprehensive about the healing process. i am mainly worried if i am honest about the possibility of necrosis. There must be someone out there who has had similiar misgivings who is willing to share their experience.

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thanks Linda, xxx
The one thing my PS was insistent upon was that I take at least 1000 mg of Vit C every day! Smoking depletes the body of it.
Seemed to work for me I really haven't had any issues to speak of.
I was 2 weeks and all is well. I know there have been others.

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