Was anyone here a smoker?

  • onenervousredhead
  • 1 year ago

I am a smoker...I know...its awful and I should quit. I know all these things and want to and have tried to no success. But I'm wondering if anyone else was a smoker and how did the healing process go? I'm 4 days away and have cut down a lot and know I won't feel like smoking afterwards... never do when I don't feel good. So any insight?

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My surgeon insisted I give up for minimum 6 wks prior to procedure (wouldn't touch me otherwise) - did it with help of Champix! So glad I did as am now 4 wks PO with no complications and healing beautifully thanks to all that lovely oxygen in my system! Mind you I could murder a smoke right now....maybe in a few more weeks! Best wishes G x
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I'm sorry quitting is so tough for you. You should let your surgeon know that you haven't quit as it can compromise your healing and sometimes quite seriously.

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