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SmartXide - Dot Therapy Experience?

  • Allison37
  • 6 years ago

I had the SmartXide dot CO2 therapy this morning.  This treatment was a breeze compared to my experience with Fraxel (the blue dye non-CO2 laser version) two years ago. I will have to wait and see if SmartXide will give me the results I am looking for or if the saying "no pain no gain" applies.

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I had SmartXide CO2 therapy done 1 week and 2 days ago. To prep for procedure the doc told me to give myself two weeks at home. He told me everything to expect leaving nothing out. He also instructed that I would be coming to see him on a daily bases for daily washes so he could check my process and I do mean daily! He gave me numbing cream prior to procedure and dental blocks. Most of my face was completely numb, however, towards the end my forehead and right side of face were painful! He gave me ice pretty immediately post procedure which I was extremely happy about! I had the burned look, the red, swelling, but I will say for me the key to success has been seeing him every day! He and his team has taken great care of me and I can see wonderful results! I'm 50 years old and was wrinkling around lips and eyes rapidly. Very uneven skin tone. I am extremely happy with results so far! I'm still red/pink and still seeing Dr daily but looking better every day!
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I have had three dot therapy treatments on my face, neck and chest. I used to have bad acne scarring on my face; I don't anymore. I have a few spots that are still there but otherwise my skin is pretty smooth. I also lost most of the hyperpigmentation that I've earned over the years with poor sun habits. I am 46 and I have almost no lines around my eyes. When I was 40 I had quite a few. My biggest recommendation is to be careful about who does your procedure. I went to some of the "best" doctors in my town and was very unhappy with their work. I finally found somebody I really like, I've been to see him 3 times, and I am very, very happy with my results. The other doctors I saw for procedures like Ultherapy (total rip-off!) and injections - not for dot therapy.
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I am surprised that you siad Ultherpy was a total rip-off. My two friends who had it done look remarkable. There is some discomfort. Settings can be adjusted and still be effective. My skin is not too lax and I am expecting to do well. If not, I will be honest about it.
Huh! Well I guess we're all different. Or maybe it did something just not what I was expecting. That's what the doctor said. I never noticed lax skin around my jawline until the Dr. pointed it out and suggested Ultherapy. I got it and didn't see a difference. So now I notice the lax skin. It was expensive and not worth it, to me.
Hi, EstheticianEm: Ultherapy does take a few months to notice since the ultrasound goes quite deep and the collagen production stimulated. One of my friends did have lax since onher jawline and neck--she's 50 this year - and it really tightened it up. Since I am in my 70s, I don't know how much it will do for me. I'm game for it however. I'm sorry it didn't do more for you. I saw that there's a 71% satisfaction. I'll post when I have mine done late this year.
I had it done about 4 years ago. :) Anyways, good luck with all your stuff. I'm going to just have a mini facelift in a few years, at least that's the current plan.
I had the dot therapy yesterday afternoon. the doctor did it only around my mouth and on my chin. By the time I got home yesterday, blood was seeping from the entire area. I had to keep blotting it with a tissue And reapplying the healing(?) ointment. by the time I went to bed, my face was a bloody mess. This morning when I woke up my skin looked like a big bloody scab. It's better now since I washed it with special cleanser, but still has appearance of dark dried blood? has anyone else experienced this?
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I would do lazer lift anytime over all this other laser treatments, I did mine 6 weeks ago and all lines are gone. Not to mention how much tighten my face looks. It's faster only one time , the procedure can be about 40 mins, no pain during the surgery, swollen for about 2-3 days ( the most ) and afterwards no pain, a bit discomfort the first weeks need to apply ice, you will feel the tightening for the next coming weeks, the only thing I wish was different is that it can take 3 to 6 months to see full results. I say it is worth it.
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I just had this done 6 days ago. Im in pain, have big red blotches with burns and itch like crazy. I am doing the vinegar soaks, the cortizone cream and moisturizer like I was told, but i am scared this is going to be bad. Is this normal and will I see my skin again? Im shedding like a snake but over and over in the same places
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Suzi--I have had DOT twice and the last time was bad. It took almost 2 months to fully heal and then I had to deal with hyperpigmentation that I treated for about a year with chem. peels and hydroquinine. Having said that, everyone heals very differently and you may be fine. Read all of the posts regarding DOT & you'll see some are back to normal in a few days and others take much longer. Also doctors are stretching the truth when they say your skin will be back to normal within a week. I don't believe that is true for many people. But check with your doctor for peace of mind. And definitely keep your skin moisturized and don't scratch no matter what.
Thank you Iracalriley, Im just scared of scarring and youre right, they didnt tell me about all of this :( I can see most of my chin and so far it looks ok but I am thinking maybe I need a burn cream for the big burns with the yellow centers. Im going back to his office in the morning to ask if he can evaluate them and maybe use something different on them~ I keep wondering if I messed up by having this done, which Im sure is normal thinking after having your face burned. Im so sorry that you have had all of hyperpigmentation :( I wish I would have researched a bit so I would have known more of what to expect~
Seeing your doctor is best. I didn't mention it but I was left with long thin somewhat faint scars on my cheeks. I ended up going to a second doctor since I was not happy with the first doctor's response. I now live in sunscreen to prevent the pigmentation from returning. I'm in Texas too so you know how the sun is. Please let me know what happens. I'm rooting for you!
Thanks, I will let you know how this turns out :) I have huge lumps that look infected now so Im going to try and get in to see him tomorrow~
Just got back from the Doc, he says not to worry, he went deep and the spots are healing nicely..... to use cold compress when they itch or hurt, and of course wouldnt you know they dont look near as bad today as yesterday when I was freaking out. He did say he was amazed at how good it looks right now, that usually after a week you can still see "track marks" from the laser and I dont have any. So now I still use the vinegar soaks and hydrocortizone ointment until the spots are healed, he says by next monday it should all be cleared up. Put my mind a bit at ease but not completely. I told him he needs to relay to his future clients how bad it hurts, how long it REALLY takes to heal and ALL of the possible issues because seriously if I would have researched better I dont think I would have let him be so aggressive. Possibly not even had it done at all~
Yay! I'm soo happy for you! Docs give best case scenarios but that's not what happens in many cases. Then we freak out when we're not healed by the third day. Smartxide was far more invasive than I thought and my doctor did not prep my skin a few weeks before like the second doctor told me he should have. I thought I had done my homework on this, but guess not. Lesson learned! Let me know what happens--you've got me hooked now! :~)
What kind of prep should be done a fews weeks before Smartxide procedure? I'm scheduled to have this done in three days, and I've had no "prep."
A plastic surgeon recommended to me that about a month before the Smartxide, you should be applying some type of retinol product and lightening agent (like hydroquinone) to prepare your skin and prevent hyperpigmentation. I did not have a positive Smartxide experience for many reasons and not prepping my skin beforehand was one reason.
Thanks, Iracalriley. My doc never suggested this. I am having the procedure done under my eyes only. I wonder if that makes a difference.
Hmm, not sure. I did not have any problems with the skin under my eyes. I experienced hyperpigmentation and light scarring on my cheeks. I don't think we have lots of pigment in the skin under our eyes, but I'm no doc! Good luck!
Hi I am 55 female and am going to go in jan 2nd 2013 for co2 dot laser. Any advice? My other option is that I would do Retin A for a while first. I have alot of forehead wrinkles and uneven skin tones and kind 0f rosea cheeks. I feel I look older then I am/feel. I want a fresh new looking face. I am scared though yet i'm excited yet nervous yet happy yet worried. Any last minute parting words to someone new to this? I've even consulted about botox in the forehead where it bothers me most and Retin A on the rest of my face but I want fast results and Retin A can take months to work. Thoughts? Please.
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Don't do it!!! I did it to get rid of wrinkles and it left me more scarred with NO improvement and 2 weeks worth of vacation time gone....Not to mention very painful!!!
That sounds very unusual. I've had SmartXide twice. I followed the doctor's directions to a T prior. He used a numbing cream. It was not painful in the least bit. He used the medium setting on the machine for most of my face, and dropped it down somewhat to do my forehead. I had a sheet of post surgery protocols to follow and he provided the kit of products to be applied except for the vinegar and water cleanser. My skin was a little itchy for a couple of days, but by the 5th day I could run to the PO with a big hat on and a couple of days after that I went to the grocery store. I was somewhat red, but everything healed up well. I am in my 70s so my skin is not so think as a younger person. I got my acne scars diminished and some skin tightening, but no scars or ill effects.
Two years ago I had a CO2 laser fraxel. The procedure was extrememly painful. I was trembling throughout the procedure and the whole way home. Almost as painful as childbirth. But the results were amazing. I contacted the Dr. to do another fraxel...want more of skin tightening. She suggested a Dot Co2 Laser. She said the pain is not that bad and only need the numbing cream. I don't have a tolerance for pain...what would you suggest for pain during the procedure?
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I had a quite good looking skin from a peel done twelve years ago. A few dark spots were showing and I went to consult with a first class plastic surgeon expecting that he had a lot experience also with skin care. He recommended DOT THERAPY and told me that at the same time it would help me to smooth some wrincles. I got a booklet about this therapy and everything sounded like magic. I went for it. What a horrible thing I got. I turned black the same day and very swolen. Afterwards my face was fulled with stains and marks from the laser and it still quite bad . His office has been given me samples of this and that and finally without knowing what to do they recommended a bleaching cream for which I had to pay. I'ts been 11/2 months and I am still fulled a dark spots from the laser. This Dr does not have idea what to do neither do I, but I am desparate with my face ruined. Does anyone knows how can I succesfully treat my skin ? Help, help.

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I had to use retin A and epiquin micro by skinmedica for many many months. over a year to recover. Wear sunscreen ALWAYS, Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40, 1.5 Ounce 9this one is a bit tinted, but very light, good for the face) or Fallene Face Cotz Water-Resistant Sun Protection UVA/UVB SPF 40, 1.5-Ounce Tube (this one i use for neck and ears so that my clothes dont get stains) are the best sunblocks i could find, they are awesome, really awesome. The retin a might be harsh for your skin, if so dont give up, just use it once a week or twice for starters, after a month, you can start using it twice or three times a wk, then you keep adding days until you can get to every other day or even every night, always use at night the retin a, the epiquin micro you can use morning under sunblock and at night under or over the retin a. You can also start with the epiquin first and when your skin is used to it add retin a, even if just once a week. The epiquin is the most important here, and my skin took a very long time to adapt to it, now i can wear it even on my eyelids, and wont irritate. While getting used to it i had to put moisturizer first and then the epiquin. If you need to, u can use moisturizer first, then epiquin and then retin a, at night, and in the morning only moisturizer and epiquin. Also at first you can use epiquin only once a day. My face was horrible, after laser, but with this regime, after over a year, it looks better than ever in my life. People never stop complimenting me on my skin. dont loose hope, i know how you feel, but this will help you, its not easy as this creams are irritating for some skins, hopefully you are not, And if you get red, dry and irritated, you should stop for some days until your skin is normal before you go back to the creams. Also drink water, not too much, just about 4 cups.