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Is SmartLipo the same as traditional lipo?

  • krista j.
  • 98199
  • 7 years ago

I am debating over getting liposuction on my thighs and hips. More a financial debate than anything else. Does anyone know much about this SmartLipo procedure or is it just another name for the same old liposuction? Does it cost the same as traditional liposuction? Less down time? Anything? It would all be appreciated. Thanks, k.j.

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I've read an article about it. I've learned that it's more cheaper than the traditional liposuction.
Hey guys, I had the smart-lipo procedure done a little over three months ago for extra fat in my abdominal area. I had lost 75 lbs over the course of a year or two and couldn't get rid of the last bit for the life of me. The skin was a little lose, so I wasn't a perfect candidate. But I was just so sick of the lower belly pudge. It was not a pain free situation, and to be honest it was fairly disgusting. Hoses sucking fat out of you, buckets filled with red and clear goop, violent stabbing (seemingly) with tubes into your body... Thank god they gave me some Benzo's before hand. I took one day off from work, and didn't do any exercise for about 2 weeks. In the end yes, there was a noticeable improvement. But we're talking maybe 15-20% better, and it's not "perfectly" even. I also now have five nice red scars where the incision points were. Might not have been worth the $4,200.
Hi Krista, after lots of research I went for smartlipo on my upper and lower tummy and inner and outer thighs yesterday. It's not the competely pain free procedure it's made out to be but is bearable. It's not the same as liposuction as it's done with local anaesthetic and you're completely awake. The fat isn't sucked out but is melted and the body natuarally expels it over 12 weeks or so. For me, the anaesthetic was the worst as a long thin cannula was used to insert local under the skin, which I found very uncomfortable indeed!! The procedure itself was ok, a bit strange and creepy but mostly felt nothing until the laser whick is tiny,hit a part that needed more local, sometimes felt like a pin prick but at worst, like a burn. My surgeon was great when this happened, woud just give me more anaesthetic in that area. All in all, bearable but not a very pleasant experience for me! I have to wear a compression garment for 7 days that goes from just under my chest, down to my's a complete pain when you need the loo! I can honestly say I feel ok and am not in any pain but find it too much to bend down just now so I don't understand how they say normal activities can be resumed immediately, although I beleive it's a quicker recovery time than traditional liposuction as it is a less invasive procedure. I've been told that I wont see the full results for about 10-12 weeks but should start to see a difference in about 4 weeks, so the waiting begins. The one thing I would say is when you have your consultation, be sure about your surgeon, I had good vibes when I met mine and trusted him 100% but have read about women having nasty experiences with theirs. Good luck if you go for it.

krista j., Click to read reviews of Smartlipo as a liposuction alternative. if you've had it, please review your smartlipo experience there!