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I had Smartlipo,and love the results

  • pooh35
  • Visalia
  • 2 years ago

Its been a long road but almost a year later I am 3 sizes smaller than before my procedure.I want to say ,yes it is a little painful afterwards.I was bruised for months.I cannot say enough to drink lots of water after procedure to help flush out extra fat.I saw immediate results,but now a year later there are still some spots that appear to be darker,and still have some harder lumpy spots.I am getting Endermologie wich is helping to break up that trapped fat that was left behind.No Dr is perfect,they cant get every bit of fat they try to suction out,and I believe these hard spots are the fat that got left behind.If you cannot afford Endermologie,some Dr's offer free Endermologie after your procedure so ask about it.But you can also buy a cellilite massager at the Dollar store.Just use it every night in the shower to help break up the fat.Drink lots of water and I promise you will see a difference.I am very happy with my results!!!!I will answer any questions you may have,so feel free to EMAIL me.