Smart Lipo on neck and chin - $3500?

  • LA2011
  • Lake Charles LA
  • 3 years ago

I have fat face and under my chin and need lipo found doc online who provided me quote of $3500. For the neck and chin using the procedure of Laser Lipolysis... Has anyone gotten this procedure under these areas and success would be helpful. The doctor name is John Bergeron out of the houston Weight Loss and Lipo Center. Is this good price and what is the done time?

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Hi LA2011 -- There are a few Houstonians on RealSelf who have had Smart Lipo. Here's a link to their stories and prices paid: Smart Lipo map

Smart Lipo is usually priced by area, and for the neck and chin $3500 sounds about average.

Have you scheduled your surgery date yet?

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