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Smart Lipo or liposuction for a 65-year-old woman

  • Madison6744
  • New York City
  • 4 years ago

I'm thinking of having SmartLipo or regular liposuction under my upper arms and legs above knees. Anyone have this done at my age?

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Hi Madison6744! I'm 5'5" & 135 pounds, 58 yrs old, relatively good shape for my age etc. so am close to your age!) I had Smart Lipo on Dec 8, 2010 on abdomen/back/flanks/ (bra fat etc.) and am VERY pleased with how my bra looks on (used to have bulging fat on back and underarms, never could get a bra to look right if you know what I mean! Now after lipo, no more hanging fat and there's no wrinkling on my back or underarms! You don't mention your size etc, so I can't say if your results will be the same. If you want more details, we can send private emails back and forth from this site here! Good luck!
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I am 61 and went to Sono Bello today for a consultation regarding doing my waist and flanks. The estimate was $5500. I am in fairly good shape and had abdominalplasty in 2000. Are there any other clinics in the Sacramento area you would recommend? I would like to get two estimates.
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I am 60 and also interested in getting Smart Lipo for my abdomen, waist and flanks. I wondered if you had it done and if you are satisfied. Would you recommend it and if you don't mind, how much did it cost? Thanks.
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The under arms and upper knees are relatively poor areas for liposuction compared to other areas regardless of your age because the skin in the arms is thin and doesn't shrink well and the skin above the knees often turns to sideways wrinkles. At 65, these problems will be even more magnified so I'd suggest you skip liposuction because the result may be worse than what you have now.
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