Smart lipo on arms 5 months ago still see no results

  • Berniece
  • 2 years ago

Doctor Said to give it 6 months ..can't imagine seeing a big change in one more disappointed....he said he took a lot out?....any body else have it done on arms?

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Hi Berniece,

Are your results any better now now it's been over 6 months since your procedure?

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I hear I have big arms with wrinkly skin.....told him I was unhappy all he did was say I'm sorry you are not happy with offer to do anything else...except full brachioplasty...which he didn't disappointed .
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Yep, I had that done on my arms as well and you guessed it- little to no results. The only thing that got smaller was my bank account. Worst financial decision I have ever made.
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