Where are you smaller framed ladies finding bras to fit?

  • verybusymom
  • 1 year ago

My PS measured my bandwidth today at 28".  I've been wearing a 32A (not filling it out) add 2 cup sizes bra because that is what is in the store. I am set to get 371cc in 10 days. Not really sure what size I will be but I know I will have a difficult time finding bras to wear. I looked at Breakout Bras, any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Thank you so much k1979123! I think we have one about 1/2 hr away, I will give them a shot! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I never got a notification. Thanks for the heads up on sizing, too, that helps a ton!! :)
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Nordstrom! I had my BA surgery 3 weeks ago and have gotten fitted at Nordstrom because they have smaller band sizes. I measured a 30F there!! wow. I started out deflated, saggy A and got 375cc Silicone. Don't let that scare you though...I probably look like a full C?? An F or DDD in a 30" band size is a much different cup then say a 36F.
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My bandwidth measured 28" at my pre-op.
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