Anyone smaller around after BR?

  • Mistonia
  • Lexington ok
  • 1 year ago

Scheduled for Nov 19th for reduction/lift and axilla plasty. Size 38H now going for a D but was wondering if I'll be smaller around. 

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I never measured my rib cage before my BR but was a 36g and now 36b so no change. However, as with a lot of women could have been wearing the wrong bra size!
I was measuring 36 Inches around my Rib - Cage BEFORE MY BR - and after I Measured 35 Inches. I was wondering if the Amount of Skin - or Fat - that he CUT OUT - along the Side would be the reason WHY - It was 1 Inch Smaller Around Afterwards ?
Unless your doctor does lipo under your armpits, you should stay the same. Your 38 measurement is just your rib size and has nothing to do with cup size.