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very small breast and need advice

  • Laura in MS
  • 1 year ago

I have been thinking about breast implants for some time now. I'm 21 years old, nearing 22 and I'm about 5'3" weighing 133 pounds. I've had small breast my whole life, which is pretty much just like a board across my chest. I've always been so self conscious about them and always thought they were a turn off. I know for a fact I would feel amazing about myself if I went through with the procedure, but I just don't know much about it, and I know there will only be a few people to back me up on this decision. I hope my boyfriend will get used to the idea because I know it would change my world. I wouldn't feel embarrassed to take my shirt off or to wear a swimsuit and feel like a ten year old. It is not a great feeling. I just need some advice on what others with small, pointy breast like mine have done in their surgery and how they did it and so on. My only problem is being able to take off work several times to find the right doctor. I know a few friends who have had it done, and I will be asking them who did their surgery. I'm getting anxious and just hope if I find a decent surgeon that the price wont be astronomical. I will appreciate any advice anyone has to give. I am kind of stuck in the middle. Thanks for your help!!

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Hi, I'm only 19, but I know mine aren't going to get any bigger.. I'm like you, I feel like a 10 year old in a bikini and am so uncomfortable with my body. Even though my boyfriend reassures me they're fine, Im still uncomfortable to even let him look at them freely. I used to be against Breast Augementation, but I think I was just scared from all the horror stories! They have improved a lot since then though and I am now going in Februrary woohooo!! Im in Australia so I don't need to be 22.. Ive researched all the risks and there is not really anything THAT bad that results, plus I will have insurance.. There is no 'leaking' now with silicone implants as they are like a gel that just sticks together.. Also the rumours about having to get them done every 7-10 years is just that, a RUMOUR.. Everyone is different, a lady I know waited 24 years before having them redone.. another has had hers for 17 years and hasn't had them redone.. I didn't realise there were so many decisions to make so just look at all your options!! I'm not sure what country you are in, but try go on this forum, all the girls are sooo lovely and helpful, and pretty much every question has been asked and answered!
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My breast are small and i still have dark rings and stretch marks around my areolas from my pregnancy. My son is 5 months and ive always been nearly flat. Look at my pic. My ba is this thursday in going for 250-280cc salubr unders
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Be aware that the surgery, aside from risks, may be the start of a very long journey throughout your life. The implants may have to be replaced multiple times in your lifetime. If you are fully aware of that and its risks, go ahead. If not, maybe re-evaluate your small breasts. They may not be as bad as you think. I have noticed pictures on this site that show before and after and thinking, "Why did she even do it? She has nice small breasts and never has to worry about complications, leaking, etc. " It is a very personal decision! You are right to study it from all angles first. In the "old days" we women thought we would get the implants and that would be that. Alas, not so in many cases. Whatever you do, best of luck to you..
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Hi, I am also 21. I am 5'3 and 147. I am barely an A cup, and I have always wanted a BA. I am extactic to finally have my surgery date set! I know having bigger breasts will help myself esteem and I am doing it for my self. If you feel like having this surgery will help you then by all means do it. How long have you been working at your job? maybe u can use vacation or sick days to recover. As for the consultations maybe you could leave early from work or get there late. My consultation was about an hour, so you dont need the full day. Hope I helped ((:
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