Very small before implants

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  • 1 year ago

Hi, I was 32AA before I got saline implants 18 years ago.  When I got them I was a 32 C, now after two children and about 20lbs of weight gain I am an 34 DD.  I am getting explanted tomorrow and hope to feel much better.  I have constant chest, neck and back pain.  Chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, blurry vision, dizzy, sensitiviy to light, general ill feeling, joint pain to just to name a few things. 

I felt much worse after having my children and want them out.  I had a strep infection about a year and a half ago that go pretty serious and went to my chest area causing condritis and percartitis.  I have not felt good at all sense then.  I found a doctor that explained how due to biofilms that bacteria can attach to surgical implants and stay there. 

He said especially with breast implants the bacteria stays because there is no blood source between the implant to and the scar tissue to carry antibiotic.  Well he said I should get them out so I am and am excited that I might feel better. I am worried that because I was so small before that they will look really bad.  I don't care if they look small I just hope they are not deformed.  He said that I should not do reconstruction for a year or so. He wants me to heal first and then see.  That is the plan.  I will post an update soon. 

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good for you chasers!!! thanks for sharing
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I'm feeling great! They are really small again but I honestly don't even care. Just so happy to have them out. :)
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I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this. How are you feeling now that you've been explanted?

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