I have a slightly loose crown on one of my front teeth. The crown is about 13 years old. It feels sensitive.

  • ecostell1
  • Morganville, NJ
  • 3 months ago

About a month ago, I started feeling some slight looseness in one of my front crowns. It also feels sensitive, like something is exposed. I saw my dentist, and all he did was adjust the bite. It still bothers me though, it's still slightly loose, still sensitive, especially to sweet liquids I noticed.

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Your crown may be failing. A crown is designed to protect the delicate and sensitive interior of your tooth, especially if you had a root canal or tooth decay. Crowns are designed to last at least a decade, and some high quality ones can last the rest of your natural lifetime. However, it may be that this crown has just reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.
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