I will get sleeve in February '14. 1) will my brain not want food? Will I still crave? 2) am I going to have diarrhea and nau

  • JencyH
  • 10 months ago

and nausea for a very long time?  3). I know they tell you not to drive for two weeks.  I am alone and do not have someone drive me for that long.  Will it injure my surgery site to drive after like five days?  What is a realistic time?

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Hi there I am scheduled to have the gastric sleeve 22 Jan 14 , being a male really don't understand what high protein food is, can anyone give me a few hints on what I should be drinking / eating. Thank you Ted

Hi there, welcome and congrats on making the decision to have surgery!

I had mine about 12 weeks ago and I'm now glad I did it. When you have a sleeve, they cut away part of the stomach which produces a chemical called Grelin. This is basically the chemical that tells your brain you're hungry. So for the first 6-12 months, you shouldn't really feel hunger. By the time the grelin starts to come back, you should have made good progress with training your body to eat differently.

I still sometimes crave things, but only for fleeting seconds, it's nothing like pre surgery.

Not everyone has diarrhea or nausea. I had both, mostly from protein, but it settled down after a few weeks.

Are you having an open incision, or laparoscopic? I have laparoscopic and for the first week I was in some discomfort with the incisions, but after that they were fine. I think depends on how quickly you heal and how the doctor closes the incisions.

You should check out the Top Ten Tips Before and After Sleeve Surgery post. There are lots of sleeve people in there supporting each other!

Hi, I am almost 5 months post-op and my husband is almost 3mths po. It is different for everyone. I was feeling hungry in hospital the day after surgery and I still do get the hunger sensation, I don't eat every time I feel hungry but when I do eat I'm satisfied with a very small amount. I only had nausea the two days after surgery and no problems with diarrhea. My problem was more constipation but just made sure I added fibre to my shakes and fluids in the first few weeks. I still am not as regular as I used to be but think my body has adjusted and come up with its own new routine?? My husband on the other hand never feels hungry now. He says he actually needs to remind himself to eat otherwise he doesn't think about it. His recovery was a little delayed as he did some heavy lifting 4 days po (stupid man!) and gave himself a hematoma, so he had a lot of pain where I breezed through. He had nausea but he said that was more from the pain. He also had constipation rather than diarrhea. We are both losing well, I'm becoming impatient but really need to increase my exercise to kick start the process again. Good luck with it all, it's the best thing I've done and I'm sure you won't regret it