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3 Terrible Skincare Habits - How I Stopped Them

  • Melanie B
  • 3 years ago

Getting older doesn't mean getting wiser if you're still treating your skin like you did when you were a teen. Here are 3 bad habits I've had to break and how I did it.

1. Face picking. A raised surface on my face use to be a open invitation to hand-to-face combat with the offending facial blemish.

How I stopped: Believe it or not, I found that the close-up lighted mirror was my greatest enemy. No one sees you in 3X sized magnification, nor should you. Donate the thing to charity.

2. Only protecting my face from the sun. I once thought my personal care routine would make any dermatologist proud. I diligently applied sunscreen in the morning after showering, even on cloudy winter days. Unfortunately for my hands, arms and any exposed area, they didn't get a hint of sun protection cream. As a result, age spots make my hands look like I'm an old lady!

How I stopped: Again, the mirror was my enemy. I realized that all I did in the morning was based on what I saw in the bathroom mirror. I went out to Target, picked up a floor mirror for under $40, and voila, I now get prepared for the day using a full body image. As you can imagine, this has the added benefit of inspiring me to take more trips to the gym.

3. Rubbing out acne. My adult acne has been nothing compared to my High School days. However, I still get embarrassing flare ups on my temples and forehead. My solution to these acne areas had been completely misguided. I would use a face cloth to rub away at the inflammed skin areas, as if the top layer of skin was responsible for the acne.

How I stopped: My dermatologist educated me. She pointed out that a face cloth may be great for washing armpits and the feet, but it's a terrible solution for cleaning the face. The cloth harbors bacteria and is far too abrassive for the facial skin. Additionally, I learned that scrubbing away skin is pointless, since acne is triggered by hormonal changes in the body. So, I dumped the face cloths into the rag bin and started using gentle foaming agents applied with my fingertips. Can't say this has stopped acne, but I certainly see a much faster recovery rate from the acne marks.

How about you? What have you learned never to do to your skin?

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Hi Melanie B,

Thanks so much for your forum discussion, these are really important tips which I am guilty of  probably all of. :) Please continue to be a active part of the community as your info will be very useful to our skin care members.


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