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Your skin look worse after pixel Laser?

  • Michelle33
  • Fairhope, Al
  • 5 years ago

I had 1 Pixel Laser treatment on my lower eye lids about 8 weeks ago. My skin looks much worse, as though it has aged 10 years. Any advice for making it look better, or insights on why this happened would be greatly appreciated.

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i have had 4 pixle lazer for acne pit scareing scares like ice pick marks it cost me just under 2000 pound that wos with creams as well it wos all rusbish the pixle lazer as done nothing for my skin if anything it looks so much worse iam left with more little holes in my face than ever befor what are not healing the creams were a waste of money they say to me i will have very good results buh they all say that alls there intrested in is peoples money and when people are not happy with the results the doctors dont care they are all nice when it comes to paying them buh after they have your money they dont want know the pixle lazer did nowt for my face if anything its alot worse i ssem to be comeing out in spots alot more as well dont waste ya money on lazers as they will fill head full of rubish they dont work unless ya paying celeb money and even then sometimes it doseint work.
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Shameless where did you get your treatment done? I am very sorry to hear about your experience. It is not right that people should get away with causing skin damage like this.
NEW IS NOT BETTER that is until the FDA is fixed.. You'd be surprised what the Parmecutical/ Device inustry markets that is not safe...I have done so much research. the more you learn the worse it gets... I would have to be on my deathbed before I would take or let any device near me that hasn't been around for more than ten years... It's easier to get a medical device thru FDA 510K approval than to file your taxes....No Joke DEMAND clinical studies by multiple doctors who have disclosed all financial interest..Your life could depend on it.. We all deserve the opportunity to make our decisions being fully informed with the cold hard facts if we want to take the risk.. Anything less is criminal..worse than criminal if based on greed not science..
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Do a search on fibroblast Thermal damage and it might help you understand how a laser can cause damage like this....
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Yes it can cause fat loss Just like thermage and IPL depends on how deep it went... They try and say these non ablative lasers are safer than ablative or CO2 but it’s the opposite…They go deeper and doctors, nurses have less expertise,,,,, so it can cause much more damage to your fibroblasts,veins,fat,DNA all of it… That’s why your eyes look ten years older…. they probably did too much heat or to many passes and damaged the deep structure….It doesn’t look to bad at first butcan lead to really bad fibrosis years later…. I did hear of one girl getting fat injections and because the fat has fibroblasts it helped her skin as well……They also have injections you can get with your own fibroblasts sent off to a lab and added to a solution that makes them multiply 1000 of times and that may help...Think it’s called Isolegen…In Europe they have something similar but it’s made with discarded foreskin fibroblasts….Something about the younger fibroblast making better collagen……In talks with FDA now in the U.S in maybe 4 years…… I have searched everywhere for a solution as my whole face is this way…White necrotic stripes and now ulcers….The only thing I’ve found are the above and that fat that has worked for others…. but I haven’t tried yet……Looking for the right doctor
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Thanks for the information. It sounds like you have suffered a lot. I just don't understand how they can market something to do one thing and it actually do another. Things like this ruin peoples lives.
I can't say I have heard that. The same was mentioned re Fraxel repair but I am not sure. Dr. should know if fat loss is an issue with these treatments.
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It will not fill in..You may have fat loss..You will probably need fat injections or juvederm helps..
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Have you heard that pixel may cause fat loss?
I would like to add that it seems that the area under my eye has a sunken look, I think that is what is causeing it to look so much worse. Will this fill in as time goes by?
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Hi Michelle, how are you now? Have your eyes improved yet? Hope things are better for you now.
Thank your for asking, but no my eyes have not improved. I am still hopeful.
Thank your for your response. I had the procedure done for wrinkles and tighting. The technician said she used a light setting, but I was extremly red and swollen for about 10 days. Do you think this will get better or what do you recommend for me. I have been very depressed. Thank you so much for your help.
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