Skin Under Eyebrow Dropping

  • Ned
  • Florida
  • 3 years ago

Had root canal that got infected for a week, left side of face got swollen (6 months ago). Over time skin under the right eyebrow eclipsed the upper eyelid. Left side drops and raises depending on my sinuses, but right one stays down, rarely being able to see the upper eyelid.

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I saw the dentist and she said there was something to it, but is not her "specialty", and even an ophthalmologist is not any wiser.

If it was something to cut out of the body, I'm sure he would have recommended something.

Our medical system (drugs, surgery) only creates more customers, I suppose. If doctors were paid only when clients are healthy (China?) we would be better off.
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Hi Ned -- Have you been to see a doctor about this? It's definitely not normal to have that much swelling, but blepharoplasty may be able to help. Your insurance may even cover it if it's functional, i.e. the skin blocks part of your vision.

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I saw a ENT and an ophthalmologist, but my sinuses get a bit inflamed waiting for my turn, so the skin under the other eyebrow descends and they don't see that much difference between the two (is pathetic). One even suggested is an age thing (not even 40).

I'm starting to read about orbital edema and Triphala, while trying to detox mercury from amalgam, and keeping Candida in check.
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That's crazy -- an "age thing" in your 30s?

Isn't it always the way that you feel (or look) "better" when you're at the doctor? :) You could try taking some photos of it, so they can see the difference w/o your sinuses acting up.

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