I need a skilled TT surgeon in NJ. Any recommendations?

  • CJ in NJ
  • Dunellen, NJ
  • 3 years ago

Hello all. I'm planning on having a full TT with lipo (lovehandles and on my back at the bra line) in the fall of 2011. So far I've received one recommendation but I'd like to obtain more of them. I would prefer a surgeon in NJ but willing to travel to NYC. What is most important to me is to find a surgeon that takes an artistic, meticulous approach to TTs. Because I find the midsection and back to be very feminine areas, I need a surgeon that focuses on creating a very sensuous look (curvy but firm). Any and all personal recommendations are much appreciated. Thank you!

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I went to Dr. Rayfield in Linwood, NJ. You can check out my results on my profile. :)
I just had a full tummy tuck and lipo 9 days ago. Check out Dr. Capella. He's been on 20/20 and The View. He's in ramsey and his prices are not outrages. Pleased with the work and the supportive staff. Plus, he doesnt send you home the same day.
I naturally was worried about being "straight" but his goal is the hourglass figure

If you click here, you'll be able to see many reviews (check the right sidebar) from women who've had tummy tucks in the Jersey area. Hope this helps!