Different sized implants? Need answers.

  • shellysmall
  • Australia, AU
  • 1 year ago

Hi Ladies, I need your opinions on differing implants. I have a slightly smaller left breast ( doc says at max 40cc)and have the option of just same size implants or putting in one that is 50cc higher. In my case its 450/500 mod+ or 500/550mod+. I've seen so many instances where it looks better to just stay with the same size implant and just look naturally a bit bigger on 1 side.Has anyone had any experience with this. I've seen a few examples where the larger implant looks wrong and like a different boob. Help! Do I just stick with 2 x 500ccmod+. I'm going to Doc on fri to discuss. I tried a post to docs but didn't get published in time.I would appreciate any feed back thankyou x