What size? I am questioning my decision.

  • Courtsey88
  • 2 years ago

I am 5'6" 122lbs. I am currently a 34B and want a D cup. I have a little boy and my breasts got to a DD while pregnant and went down to a D while breast feeding. My Dr. says I can accomodate bigger breasts and at the consult my husband and I decided on 420CC but I really think I should go to 450CC's. I do not want to be smaller then I am satisified with however I do not want to be so big that when I walk in a room everyone is like dang those are fake. Is 420cc going to be big enough or should I side on caution and go to 450cc. I am getting saline implants under the muscle. Also, I plan to have surgery on Friday and return to work on Monday. Any opinions on this? Note- I work in an office at a desk all day. I will post photos later as I am at work and can not do it right now.