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How do you know what size post op bra to buy?

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Hi Kimmers and everyone, Sorry if this seems like a silly question! How do you know what type of bra to buy for wearing post op?  Do you choose your rib cage size eg size 12 (34 inches) and then decide what cup size you are going to be (after speaking to your surgeon)? If the surgeon decides on approximately a D cup, do you buy a size larger to accomodate the swollen breast tissue? Is it better to purchase a compression support bra or just a support bra? Are there any brands of support bra you would recommend and if so, may I have the name of the website I can purchase from? Last of all, should I buy them before the op? Thank you    

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For anyone else looking... I found a great site for post op bras. Just google adoriwear.
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I was told to purchase either a playtex cross your heart or playtex 18 hour bra and bring it with me to my post-op visit. I went with the 18 hour and it looks comfy. :) I just had to estimate on the size. I went with a larger band than I normally wear and the C cup I am hoping to be. I normally wear a 34DDD so I purchased a 36C. I figured that should accommodate any swelling. We shall see! I have surgery today.
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I agree with what everyone said about asking your doctor... My doctor gave me the compression bras (3 total) and said I need to wear them for 6wks 24hrs a day but I can purchase a sports bra that has pads in them for days that I will be going out but as soon as I come back home to go back into my compression bra.
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I was given a surgical bra after my surgery, I tried to find another sports bra that fastened in the front, but I had no luck at the first three stores I went to. I already had a few of the Champion sports bras from Target so I figured I'd give them a shot and they worked out really well. I have to step into them and pull them up my body and the first few days I definately needed help with that, but they are much softer than the bra I was given post surgery and they don't look as ridiculous under my clothes. It's been two weeks and I can put them on and take them off by myself now.
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I bought the size I was before surgery, It worked just fine. Doc office gave me one also. Was a front clasp sports bra. K-mart 7.99. I would ask your doc. They all have different ideas. Some like surgical bras, some do ace bandage, some do sports bra. I think they all work. It is nice to have an extra one on hand after surgery.
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Hi Darlin!

The first thing I would recommend is talk to your doctor.  Most of them provide the first couple of bras for you.  When I woke up in the recovery I had a surgical bra on already.  My doctor then gave me an extra one.  Mine were Merena brand surgical bra's.  I am including a couple of websites for you to check out but please first ask your doctor.  It could save you a hassle right now.  

Surgical Bra - One Option

My Personal Favorite 

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Thank you! x x
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