Size implants to choose for petite 5"4 115 lbs. Lift, aug, 32DD before

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  • Manhattan, NY
  • 1 year ago

NO IDEA what implant size to choose for my augmentation!  I want the results to be dramatic and have much perkier breasts and for them to fill out with the implant as well.  I want the in between fake and natural look where they are WAY lifted.

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My wife is going for 400cc under and has approx. same shape as you, we did the whole sizer thing and it looks fine. The PS is ok this that. all good
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Talk to your doctor about high profile implants if you want them to really project. Here's a link to a doctor Q&A on that topic. Also, here's what some docs say about choosing the right implant size for you. You should get a better idea of what you want when you have a consultation and try on sizers.

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